Turtles, and especially the giant ones, are cool! I have once visited Prison Island Tortoise Sanctuary, Zanzibar and met a 150 year old tortoise. They are like mystical beings. So beautiful.
These incredible animals are on the endangered species list since ages. There are plenty natural threats but add the human factor to those and you know the odds are against them. Some of the dangers turtles are exposed to by humankind are: artificial lighting near beaches, commercial fishing, marine pollution, magnetic interference, poaching, tourism and ocean plastic remain threats for these reptiles. And on top that, recently hurricane Irma exposed and washed away thousands of sea turtle nests in one of the most important nesting areas.
But overall there is actually great news about sea turtles: all the conservation efforts are finally paying off! A new study of the world’s seven sea turtle species are providing evidence their numbers are growing overall. Isn’t that something to make you feel happy? Let’s keep on doing the good thing we’re doing.

Worth mentioning: do be careful keeping turtles as pets! They can spread salmonella and make people sick. Especially children under the age of 5 are vulnerable because of their little immune systems and hygiene. The tinier the turtle, the greater the risk.

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Loggerhead sea turtle

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By Marvin Kempen, Dulce Luna Pet Glamour Team